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FoodLit's Spring 91-Day, Feel-Good Food Project

Sink into spring, life and feel-good food with Julia Svoice as she returns to her senses after a lifestyle change from corporate writing back to food writing and green living. That's a food blog a day on fun food ventures for 91 spring days! Can she do it? Not sure, but for the love of food literature, real food, your own spring revival and her sanity, we challenge you to do it too!

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Food literature for the love of good food culture, the land and inspired food writing.

What to Expect From FoodLit

FoodLit was born from a passion for good food, the land that produces it, good food culture and inspired food language. Just as food has the power to bring joy, connect people, and define and sustain cultures, creative food literature has the power to move, inspire, motivate and educate. FoodLit speaks not just to our tastebuds and other senses, but to our imagination, creativity, connection and our experience as human beings.

Feel-Good Food Writing, Food Features, Food Reviews, Freelance Writing, Book Writing, Cottage Food & Garden Projects

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Feel-Good Food Literature & Projects

FoodLit Offers:

FoodLit will consider a diverse range of food writing and food-related services, with each project tailored to individual needs. Director, Julia, is also open to suitably aligned, hands-on (indoor or outdoor) projects. Services include:

  • Feel-Good Food Writing
  • Food Features
  • Freelance Writing
  • Book Writing
  • Editing
  • Food, Restaurant & Event Reviews & Promos
  • Recipe Writing & Editing
  • Food-Themed Crossword (or 'Foodwords')
  • Cottage Food & Garden Projects

For a really diverse range of past projects - spanning anything from running restaurants to writing cooking and catering courses, dining guides and even a humour column - please see About Julia.

Promoting Good Food Culture

Through Food Literature, Food Writing, Freelance Writing & Cottage Food & Garden Projects

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