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About Julia Svoice

Ethical Food Lover, Writer & Storyteller

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BSW, DipSocSci(Communications), DipA (Prof Writing & Editing)

Julia Svoice, also known as Julia Hebaiter in another life, is a well-established food writer and former restaurateur of an award-winning restaurant. She has a long writing and publishing history in the food, lifestyle and corporate writing industries.

Fully qualified in writing, editing and the social sciences, she established professional writing business, Articul8, in 2003, which she successfully operated for 13 years and sold in 2016.

Now returning to her greatest passions, she is relishing the lifestyle change from corporate writing back to food writing and green living.

Projects and passions have included:

  • Developing a wide range of creative food literature for: renowned food magazines and publications (including Divine Food & Wine, Slow Food Press, and Conscious Living); celebrity chefs' websites (including Guy Grossi); and the world's leading food journal, Gastronomica. Here's an excerpt of a racy, linguistic story and a 'slow' story featuring Stefano De Pieri.
  • Having lifestyle, travel and event features (including food festivals galore) published in a range of publications, including Postcards Victoria and Holiday Magazine, and, as an award-winning Veteran Writer, some 200 stories online at
  • Writing and publishing pieces spanning various genres in revered Australian literary journals, including Overland.
  • Having famous, highly esteemed novelist Isabel Allende ask if she can publish Julia's book review of her book, Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses, on her website. (Er, yes!) Just scroll to the last entry here.
  • Gaining 21 years of hands on experience across all aspects of the hospitality industry and owning and operating an award-winning Melbourne restaurant for seven years.
  • Developing (and tutoring) a 14-module, 75,000-word Professional Cooking & Catering Course for Lifestyle Learning Direct and tutoring various lifestyle courses.
  • Growing up in an Italian family where food, the garden that produced it and the practices that celebrated it had meaning and social, cultural and healing significance.
  • Promoting farmers' markets and feel-good, ethical food practices and projects through various print and online avenues and simply by sharing the love with family, friends and anyone else who'll listen.
  • As Senior Editor of Tasting and Feasting Excellence, joint project managing a 130-page dining guide endorsed by Stephanie Alexander.
  • Editing and recipe editing of food memoir and recipe book, A Million meals; A Million Miles, Journey of a French a Masterchef with French Recipes by Michel Bonnet.
  • Developing and publishing recipes and food-related blogs.
  • Writing restaurant, cafe and specialised coffee reviews.
  • Being trained in food tasting / analysis and assessing food for taste, texture, aroma, etc, and general marketability.
  • Writing a regular humour column, freelance writing and copyediting for national lifestyle magazine, Free Spirited.
  • Compiling extensive lifestyle events calendars (with images) for national publications.
  • Working on a rollicking FoodLit book that celebrates 15 or so specific foods (and related practices) that shaped Julia's early years, enriched her middle ones (and maybe her middle just a little), and fuelled an ever-ripening passion for inspired food literature.

Julia may also be available for hands on projects, whether indoors or out.